Workshop of the NATO Project G5448

Workshop title: Quantum-safe Authenticated Group Key Establishment

Venue: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia

Duration: Nov 30 - Dec 8 2021

Workshop goals

The aim of the workshop is to bring together scientists in order to review what has been done and plan a roadmap for the final MILESTONE M4. In greater detail:

  • to revise achievements on milestone M3 and plan a roadmap for the last milestone M4; i.e., to focus on Step 2-B: Identify protocol-level security mechanisms; Step 3-A: Protocol and parameter optimization; Step 3-B: Deploy implementation-level security mechanisms
  • to report on papers, submitted for publication, that will be included in the final report
  • to work on preparing attained results for submission to a scholarly journal
  • to report on research on scholarly problems related to this NATO project

Besides, partially related problems to the project will be discussed as well.


Participation is by invitation only and limited to investigators of the NATO project, graduate and undergraduate students who have a thesis topic related to the project.

The list of participants will be updated soon.


As typical for workshops, the program will consist of formal presentations and brainstorming sessions.

Formal presentations (tentative list)

Author(s) Title
Viliam Hromada and co-authors Oto Grosek, Peter Horak A Cipher based on Prefix Codes
Tomas Fabsic and co-authors Robert Abela, Christian Colombo, Peter Malo, Peter Sys, Ondrej Gallo, Viliam Hromada, Mark Vella Secure Implementation of a Quantum-Future GAKE Protocol
Peter Horak and co-authors Oto Grosek, Viliam Hromada Latest progress on the Maximal dictionaries on Prefix Codes
Kristina Konkolova, Pavol Zajac Teaching post-quantum cryptography
Peter Horak Hard problems in Latin Squares and its application in PQC
Milan Vojvoda to be announced
Karol Nemoga, Pavol Zajac, Oto Grosek A report from invitation-only NATO Advanced Research Workshop titled Toward a quantum-safe communication infrastructure,  Valeta, Malta, Nov 15-17, 2021. The workshop aims were to bring the quantum key distribution and post-quantum cryptography communities together. The key deliverable was an actionable roadmap towards the integration and widespread adoption of these two technologies.
Peter Sys Verification process of implemented technologies

The workshop program still undergoes preparation and the information may change.

Brainstorming session

  • achievement on Step 2-B: Identify protocol-level security mechanisms; planning further experiments
  • discussion on
    • Step 3-A: Protocol and parameter optimization
    • Step 3-B: Deploy implementation-level security mechanisms
  • involvement of graduate students in this NATO project; choosing a topic for PhD thesis, and for undergraduate master thesis
  • discussing the form and individual chapters of the final report