Visit of Slovak researchers at the University of Malta in January 2020

A team from the Slovak University of Technology visited the team of Dr. Colombo at the University of Malta in January. The Slovak team consisted of researchers Ondrej Gallo, Viliam Hromada and Tomas Fabsic and a MSc. student Peter Malo. The team works on creating an implementation of the protocol recently proposed by Rainer Steinwandt, Angel L. Pérez del Pozo and Maribel Gonzalez Vasco. At Malta, the aim of the Slovak team was to familiarize themselves with the SEcube development board. The team intends to use the SEcube board for computing and storing secret information in their implementation of the protocol. During their visit, the team has already started making progress with implementing parts of the protocol on the SEcube board.

At the end of the visit, Dr. Colombo lent the Slovak team one SEcube board, so the Slovak team can continue their work in Slovakia.