Floyd Johnson's research stay at URJC

Floyd Johnson, a graduate student from FAU has visited the group at URJC for four weeks (20th Jan to 21 Feb). During his stay, we have discussed different ways of designing  group key exchange protocols in three different scenarios. Namely, in the quantum setting, we have been analyzing different identification techniques used for avoiding "classical" authentication in quantum key distribution protocols. As a result, we have identified an impossibility result which has direct consequences in the security of some so-called quantum identification schemes. Also, we have looked at group key establishment in the post-quantum scenario, and discussed several approaches and their real-life efficiency. Finally, in the future quantum scenario, we have jointly discussed different designed strategies linked to the protocol designed jointly by FAU and URJC and currently under implementation by the Slovak/Maltese teams from the project. Floyd has also given a very inspiring talk in the department seminar, attended by faculty and students, and we indeed believe his research stay will boost further collaboration between FAU and URJC.